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Software Testing

Software Testing Course in Pune with Placement

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process of executing a program or software with the intent of finding the bugs in software. Software testing also helps to identify and evaluate errors or missing requirements and functionalities contrary to the actual requirements. Software testing techniques which are extensively used in the contemporary IT industry having much demand just like a software development. Because, as we know if, we want to develop a software then after completion we need to test it to find bugs, errors, so by using some frameworks and tools like cucumber, maven etc we can find and evaluate the bugs in that particular software. Software testing course in pune comes with two parts manual and automation testing.
Technologies we cover in Software testing course pune

Manual Testing

In manual testing you have to perform operations on the software/ application manually. But, in automation you can use tools and some platforms to test your software/ application. Manual testing is a software testing method in which human testers, often referred to as quality assurance (QA) testers or test engineers, manually execute test cases without the use of automated testing tools. It is a critical phase in the software development life cycle and is essential for ensuring the quality, reliability, and functionality of a software application.

API testing

API testing is crucial in the modern software development landscape, as APIs are at the core of many applications, including web services, mobile apps, and microservices architectures. Accurate and reliable API testing helps ensure that the different parts of a software system can work together seamlessly and that external developers can integrate with the API successfully. Effective API testing contributes to the overall quality, reliability, and security of the software.

Selenium courses

Selenium courses can vary in length, complexity, and focus, so it's important to choose a course that aligns with your skill level and objectives, whether you are a beginner looking to get started with Selenium or an experienced tester or developer aiming to enhance your automation skills. Many courses are available online, and some even offer certification upon completion, which can be beneficial for your career in software testing or development.

Benefits of Software Testing Course Course in Pune

We are trustworthy and reputed institute of software testing course in pune. As we provide many IT related training for students/fresher’s graduate and to corporate people also. So, we have better staff which will help you to get proper industry oriented knowledge. The most important to understand that proficiency as a software tester comes with lots of practice on live projects and developing familiarity with common testing tools which only our institute will provide you. So we will suggest don’t waste your time and join our software testing course in pune, get 100% placement assurance. As bellow we have mentioned our specialities that you should consider while joining our software testing training,

Software Testing Training Course Features

Practical and industry oriented training with live projects

100% job assurance

Best course material for future use

Real time case studies to practice

Mock interview sessions

Lifetime assistance for job

Who can take Software Testing Training ?


BE/Bsc Candidates

Any Graduate

Any Post-Graduate

Syllabus of Software Testing Course in Pune

Course Content for Manual Testing

  • Software Testing – Introduction
  • Importance
  •  Seven Fundamental Principles of
  • Software Testing Life Cycle – STLC
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Non – Functional Testing
  • Defect, Error, Bug
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Defect report template
  • Severity / priority
  • First Steps Test Case Development
  • Test Case Specifications
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Practical Tips and Tricks to Create
    Test Data
  • Sample Test Case Template with
    Explanation of important Fields
  • Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary
    Value Analysis
  • Decision Table Testing
  • State Transition Diagram
  • There are 3 principal documents in
  • Test case and template with example.
  • Test cases/ test plan/Test
  • Test plan and test plan templates.
  • Agile Testing Methodology
  • How to Test in Agile?
  • Scrum Testing and Waterfall Vs. Agile:
  • Web Application Testing
  • Complete Web Application Testing
  • Banking Application Testing
  • Healthcare Application Testing with
    Sample Test Cases
    v. Testing E-commerce Applications
  • Defect Severity in Software Testing
  • Test Plan V/s Test Strategy
  • Static Vs Dynamic Testing
  • Re-testing Vs Regression Testing
  • Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control
  • Verification v/s Validation in a Software
  • Positive Vs Negative Testing
  • Software Testing Terminology
  • Globalization Vs Localization Testing
  • Test Scenario Vs Test Condition
  • Unit Test Vs Integration Test
  • Smoke Vs Sanity Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • What is Soak Testing?
  • Stability Testing – Concepts in Software
  • Spike Testing

API Testing

Live Projects -> Assignments -> Mock Interviews

Course Content for Automation Testing

  • Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML)
  •  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript
  • Simple page Design Using HTML
  • SQL
  • Eclipse Installation & Setup
  • Object-oriented Procedure
  • Objects and Class
  • Methods & Functions
  • Basics of Core Java
  • Hello World In Java
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Overloading
  • Overiding
  • Exception Handling
  • What is the Exception?
  • Try & Catch
  • Multiple Try..Catch
  • Collection Framework
  • List
  • Dictionary
  • MAP
  • Overview of Automation Testing
  • Scenarios Of Test Automation
  • Benefit of automation Testing
  • Right Tests for Automation
  • Simple Example of Test Automation
  • Manual VS Automation
  • Selenium Introduction
  • Selenium IDE Overview
  • Installation & Setup of IDE
  • Selenium IDE-Features
  • Selenium IDE-Commands
  • Open Commands
  • Type Commands
  • Type Keys Commands
  • Click Commands
  • ClickArt Commands
  • Focus Command
  • Close Command
  • Store Command
  • waitForCondition Command
  • VerifySelected
  • VerifyAlert Command
  • VerifyAllLinks Command
  • WaitForAlert Command
  • StoreTitle Command
  • StoreText Command
  • StoreValue Command
We Covers any 5 Tools out of All
  • Selenium Contents:
  • Selenium Features
  • Selenium vs QTP
  • Selenium Tool Suite
  • Selenium IDE
  • IDE-Installation
  • IDE-Features
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • WebDriver-Architecture
  • WebDriver-Features
  • WebDriver Vs RC
  • Selenium & WebDriver-Installation
  • First Test Case
  • Locating Strategies of elements
  • Locating by Identifier
  • Running Test on Chrome, Firefox and IE
  • Implementation of selenium on project
  • Maven Overview
  • Maven
  • Maven Origins
  • What Maven Provide?
  • Ant vs Maven
  • Maven’s project object model(POM)
  • Maven’s Benefits
  • Maven Environment SetUp
  • Add Maven bin directory location to system
    path and verify Maven installation
  • JIRA Scheme
  • JIRA Issues and Issue types
  • What is JIRA Issue?
  • JIRA Components
  • JIRA screen
  • Issue Attributes
  • Issue Security Schemes

JIRA Agile

  • Testing Framework
  • Introduction of TestNG
  • TestNg vs Junit
  • Configure Eclipse with Selenium and TestNG
  •  New- Installation of TestNG
  • TestNg Annotations and its Execution order.
  • Grouping the Test Scrpts and run through
  • Parallel test execution
  • Exception verification
  • Handling XML File
  • TestNG-Maven Integration
  • Introduction of TestNG
  • TestNG VS Junit
  • Configure Eclipse with Selenium and
  • Installation of TestNG
  • TestNG Annotations and its Execution order
  • Grouping the Test Scripts and run through
  • What is Mobile Testing?
  • Mobile Testing Device Types
  • Mobile Testing Emulator
  • Mobile Testing Simulator
  • Mobile Testing Application
  • Mobile Testing-UI
  • Mobile Testing-Android Frameworks
  • Mobile Testing Selendroid Framework
  • Mobile Testing-Appium Framework
  • Cucumber Basics
  • Cucumber Selenium
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Data Tables in Cucumber
  • Cucumber Annotations
  • Cucumber Frameworks
  • Cucumber Automation Framework
  • Cucumber Selenium Test
  • Cucumber Convert Selenium Test to
  • Cucumber Page Object Manager
  • Cucumber Config File Reader
  • Cucumber WebDriver Manager
  • Cucumber JSON Data Reader
  • Cucumber AJAX Wait
  • Cucumber Sharing Scenario Context
  • Cucumber Run Test
  • What is an API?
  • API Testing Types
  • Common Tests on API’s
  • Advantages of API Testing
  • Tools in API Testing
  • API Testing Example
  • Postman Overview
  • API Testing with POSTMAN
  • Installation of POSTMAN On Windows
  • POSTMAN Navigation
  • Request in POSTMAN
  • GET Requests in POSTMAN
  • Response in POSTMAN
  • POST Request
Live Automation Projects -> Assignments -> Mock Interviews

What after completion of Software Testing Course in Pune?

Now, you are connected with us, and it’s our responsibility to give you proper assistance. As per your abilities and skills we will try to give you best job in the software testing field. If you are fresher and after course completion you want a job then, you need to be prepare with technical as well as the most importantly, aptitude logical reasoning. And if you are having some previous experience then you need to be prepare with 100% technical knowledge. That’s IT..!

Your Journey for Software Testing Job Profile

Jobs in Software testing

3 LPA - 5 LPA

Batch Schedule

Sr.No Date Duration Batch
1 04-09-2023 3 - 4 Months Weekday
2 09-09-2023 3 - 4 Months Weekend
3 11-09-2023 3 - 4 Months Weekday
4 16-09-2023 3 - 4 Months Weekend
5 18-09-2023 3 - 4 Months Weekday
6 23-09-2023 3 - 4 Months Weekend
7 25-09-2023 3 - 4 Months Weekday
8 30-09-2023 3 - 4 Months Weekend

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